Quality Engineering Services Backed with Integrity

Welcome to Covenant Engineering Services, LLC

Our more than a half century of process operations experience has provided rich background for the development of "user friendly" systems. The more than 30 years of consulting experience in the lubricants manufacturing industry, coupled with the operations experience has resulted in a real "hands-on" approach to design and plant involvement.

In many cases, we have "been there, done that." We integrate practicality with advanced technology to provide the best system for the process. Our total team effort, client-consultant-vendor, is the way we assure a quality project that meets the needs of the user.

There is no room for poor quality products and inefficient, costly operations. Automation is applied as the situation dictates, but, in all cases, safety is paramount. We apply the appropriate technology, whether the proposed facility is a simple, basic or specialty plant, or a large complicated production operation.