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Covenant Engineering Services, LLC (CES) is a process engineering firm with a primary focus on the lubricants manufacturing industry and, more specifically, the lubricating grease industry. We endeavor to provide the best services to our clients and to the industry in general. There are a number of colleagues who have the same objectives as CES and with whom we have developed a successful working relationship during the past 18 years. We provide their name and links below for your information and use.

STRATCO, INC. - Grease Contactor www.stratco.com
Patterson Industries (Canada)/All-Weld - Grease Kettles www.pattersonindustries.com
Pigging Solutions - Process Pipeline Pigging Design & Supply www.piggingsolutions.com
NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) - Trade Org. www.nlgi.org
Chemicolloid - Grease Mills www.colloidmill.com
Grease Technology Solutions, LLC - Grease Training & Consult. www.grease-tech.com
Pulsair Systems, Inc. - mixing systems www.pulsair.com
River City Enterprises - Containers for High Viscosity Products www.pistontech.com